During this year of development and transition, Music 4 U are proud to share some of the stories behind our amazing young people.
The following statement came from Lauren’s Grandma – the video produced by Lauren herself, is a testament to them both.

“Lauren was born with three different disabilities, all of of which has had a huge effect on her life; Bone Dysplasia, Turner Syndrome and Dwarfism.

Bone Dysplasia
The bone dysplasia just means her bones and joints don’t grow the way that most people’s do and causes her pain, discomfort and to walk with an unusual gait. So far she has had 11 operations, most of these have been on her legs to try and straighten them and put the knees into a more natural position. Some have been quite successful others have just caused new problems. Throughout these procedures she has shown bravery, a positive attitude and with a fighting spirit that makes me so proud of her. She has opted to go through further surgery on her other leg and when I asked her if it was worth it she said “ all I want is straight legs, oh and one other thing to wear high heels.”

Turner syndrome
This is a female only genetic disorder. A girl with Turner Syndrome only has one normal X sex chromosome, rather than the usual two. Females with Turner Syndrome are shorter than average, have underdeveloped ovaries, resulting in a lack of monthly periods and infertility. Other characteristic of turner syndrome can vary significantly between individuals. E.g; hearing loss, underactive thyroid gland and learning difficulties. Girls with Turner syndrome can often find it difficult with friendships and understanding social relationships, thus resulting in painful, shyness and awkwardness.

Out of all Lauren’s disabilities, Music 4 U has helped Lauren most of all with relationships and shyness. It has taken Lauren many years for her to perform on stage with a smile on her face and enjoying each moment. She likes it so much she now works as a volunteer. Throughout her time with music 4 u she has grown in confidence and has shown to be a very capable young lady who has empathy and a understanding how helping others helps her.

P.s by the way Lauren does not have learning difficulties and she proved this by gaining a full scholarship to Robert Gordon’s College.”